Monday, November 24, 2008


...Once upon a time, in a summer children camp near Loutsa, Preveza (Greece) there was a Pirate. He was strong and beautiful and everybody loved him. But success comes with jealousy, so some people tried to oppose to him. They formed a filthy team called "Giapouni" in refer to Japanese Mafia. They worked at night, making their plans to kill the lovely Pirate. But he knew...He never sleeped, he was just resting his eyes, and he waited. And the day came, and in the battlefield you could see many "Giapouni" people and the Pirate. The battle started and ended very soon! The Giapounis were overwhelmed by the wrath and the power of the Pirate and they got beaten badly, and then cried...So, the Pirate- hero of our story won! And he lived happily ever after..
(And the Giapounis became his slaves...)

To be continued....

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Congratulations! If you are reading this you must already have a wireless connection to the internet via a USB modem called HUAWEI E170 or E220. And you want to experiment with linux but it s kinda complicated, right? You have to download drivers, or make some "adjustments" to the operating system, but it looks a little bit difficult. The answer to your problem is Fedora 9 live cd! All you have to do is download this distro (free) in .iso format, and burn it to a cd. While you have Windows on and the modem connected (having already typed the pin if necessary) reboot your pc with the cd inside. Select "boot from cd" from the BIOS and wait until Fedora loads (it takes a while..). Having pressed "enter" a couple of times you will be seeing (in a while) fedora's workspace. Up and on the right of the screen, you will be seeing an icon that resembles an antenna. Click on it and select "auto GSM network". Start the Mozilla Firefox and after an initial (small) delay you will be connected! And the nice thing is that you will notice a quicker surfing and downloading speed than Windows.
Have fun, viva la linux!


When the pirates attacked, they used 2 kinds of flags. They used the black flag (aka jolly roger) to show their enemies that they will not show or accept mercy. And the red flag was used to show that they would show and accept mercy.
This blog raises a black flag, no mercy!!
Only truth...